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Len Laulainen

Working owner of the Euler Training Center. Trained and consulted since 1977.
Develop and train customized courseware on OSS related topics.
In addition to trianing, provide sys admin and web page development for the Euler Training Center.
Minneapolis MN United States
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VendorCourseTimes TaughtCertifiedDaily Rate
Linux(productivity)Traffic control1 950
Linux(productivity)Sendmail24 950
Linux(productivity)Apache18 950
Linux(productivity)Samba6 950
Linux(productivity)DNS BIND6 950
Linux(productivity)DHCP6 950
Linux(productivity)System Administration62 950
Linux(productivity)Networking Services8 950
Linux(productivity)MySQL12 950
Linux(productivity)squirrelmail2 950
Linux(productivity)procmail5 950
Linux(productivity)iptables netfilter8 950
Linux(productivity)LAMP11 950
Linux(productivity)LAPP8 950
Linux(productivity)Intro to PHP13 950
Linux(productivity)Intermediate PHP with MySQL12 950
Linux(productivity)Advanced PHP7 950
Unix(productivity)Intro to PHP13 950
Unix(productivity)Intermediate PHP with MySQL12 950
Unix(productivity)Advanced PHP7 950
Unix(productivity)Traffic Control1 950
Unix(productivity)Sendmail24 950
Unix(productivity)Apache18 950
Unix(productivity)Samba6 950
Unix(productivity)DNS BIND6 950
Unix(productivity)DHCP6 950
Unix(productivity)System Administration62 950
Unix(productivity)Networking Services8 950
Unix(productivity)MySQL12 950
Unix(productivity)Sqirrelmail2 950
Unix(productivity)Procmail5 950
Unix(productivity)iptables netfilter8 950

List Instructors by:    Vendor (A-L) Vendor (M-Z) Location Name

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